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Keynote Speeches and Workshops

Blue Collar University® offers several keynote speeches, workshops and seminars.
They can be focused on an audience of managers and supervisors, and/or their managers.

Keynote speeches:


These workshops have been developed to help both the blue collar manager and supervisor AND their bosses better understand their roles, responsibilities, and craft.

Workshops in development…

      • “I Am a Working Supervisor – Now What?” Working supervisors are in a special place – management purgatory. This is being developed to help everyone better understand where they are, what they need to do and the new tools they need to use.
      • “A Job Hazard Analysis or Job Safety Analysis is About Much More Than Safety” – How to write a proper, more powerful JHA or JSA and be more productive, efficient, professional, and of course, safe.
      • “From Who to How – Getting closer to the truth in your organization”
      • “Decision Making for Blue Collar Managers, Supervisors, and Their Managers.”

It won't cost you anything to find out whether this is a fit for you!
Speeches, workshops, consulting, and training are customizable. For a free consutlation to see whether we fit, call me at 925.354.0277 or email me here. Please pardon the form, it is an effort to reduce spam and get to the people that need help.