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The Book – “They’re A Manager – Now What?”

They’re a Manager – Now What?

In 2005 I got a phone call from a man named Michael. If you had been on that call you would have heard the panic in his voice as he said “I have been a manager of my department for over a year now, and I think they are going to fire me! Can you help me?”

When asked how he knew he was going to be fired he said, “I just had my first review and this is all it says – Michael has met none of the criteria for being a manager at this company.”

“What are the criteria?”

“That’s just it! I don’t KNOW the criteria!”

“If I did I would meet them!”

In 2006 I created Blue Collar University to support people like Michael. Blue collar managers and supervisors that seem to have reached their highest level of incompetency. But with some essential training, coaching, and mentoring, they can reach levels of efficiency and productivity far higher than one could ever anticipate. In fact, in 2017 Michael’s career path has included  being promoted from department manager to branch manager to territory manager of a national company. Hie territory spans 25% of the state of California.

I am researching and writing the upcoming book “They’re a Manager – Now What” to help business owners, executives, and managers at all levels better understand how to prepare, develop and support their blue collar managers and supervisors.

Simultaneously in the works is a book titled “The 11 Traits of Successful Blue Collar Managers and Supervisors” to help the managers and supervisors themselves better understand their roles, responsibilities, and the crucial conversations they need to have to be successful. There is already a speech and workshop on the same title. For more information click here.

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