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Working Supervisors Training

Target Audience:  Working supervisors and their supervisors/managers

If there is ever a place you could call management purgatory – it’s the position of Working Supervisor or Crew Leader.

Working Supervisors or Crew Leaders are in an unusual place – they are now responsible for other peoples production as well as having to maintain their own production. There is a shift in how this is done – from working with equipment and things to people and information. This shift happens several times a day and has an effect on their productivity.

We have developed an awareness level training program for Working Supervisors. This program is designed to help that transition.

We encourage the supervisors and their bosses and managers to attend so that everyone understands what is happening and what is required to be successful.

It is also customizable to help more experienced supervisors become better at what they do.

It won't cost you anything to find out whether this is a fit for you!
Speeches, workshops, consulting, and training are customizable. For a free consutlation to see whether we fit, call me at 925.354.0277 or email me here. Please pardon the form, it is an effort to reduce spam and get to the people that need help.